Secret of Chidambaram – My thought

I happened to watch a video related to “Secret of Chidambaram”. In that, they said our ancestors used a technique to transfer message / data / Info from one century to another centuries.

Yes of course, They knew that history is very important and they wanted to convey messages / data to the Peoples in numerous way. But most techniques will work for certain time ranges only. For example, Books are known to be the best way convey data / messages but it has some limitations. Carving information into a stone – Yes that too have some limitations (Need to protect otherwise it may have destroyed by other Empire).

But if you mix your data / informations / messages with Religion things in a nice way, you really do not need to protect it. It will be transferred / conveyed over the centuries by land peoples. So this is the technique that our ancestors followed to convey precious information / data / messages (Inventions / discovering) to over centuries. Next time if you go some big temples in India. Stop seeing all in religious way and start to see all in a scientific way. We could find some reasons there.

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